Executive Coaching for Senior Leaders

Leadership Presence Requires Being Present

Even the most talented and accomplished leaders benefit from the outside-in perspective our executive coaching offers. Based on Scott Eblin’s 15 plus years as a coach, his real-world understanding of corporate leadership and the research behind his two books, our approach to executive coaching delivers practical and actionable insights for creating the outcomes that are most important to you.

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Executive Leadership Coaching

The practice of leadership has never been more challenging. Constantly changing competitive environments, ever-increasing scopes and a hyper-connected 24/7 world doesn’t leave much time or space for perspective or reflection. Creating the outcomes that are most important to you – in your work, your home, your community – requires clarity.

Our approach to executive coaching is designed to help you attain that clarity and act on it.  Drawing on the experience and research behind Scott’s first book, The Next Level, we’ll focus on aligning your leadership presence with the results you want to achieve. We’ll increase the impact of your leadership by using the practical insights in Scott’s latest book, Overworked and Overwhelmed, to help you be more fully present. The goal is to help you tap into a grounded sense of confidence to achieve meaningful results and more satisfaction in all aspects of work and life.

We limit the number of executive coaching engagements we accept to ensure that our clients have an “all-access” pass with Scott.   Our basic process includes the following elements:

  • An initial in-depth conversation to clarify your goals and set the coaching agenda.
  • Determine your high-leverage opportunities through colleague feedback gathered through one-on-one interviews and the Next Level 360 degree survey.
  • Create a coaching plan focused on aligning your leadership presence with the results you want to achieve.
  • Use our Life GPS® tool to define how you at your best, the routines that will reinforce that and the outcomes you expect from showing up at your best.
  • Use your calendar and agenda as a real-life learning opportunity to try new approaches.
  • Six months of regularly scheduled coaching conversations to debrief what’s working and identify adjustments that will make things work even better.
  • Additional phone and email conversations when you request them.
  • Up to two partial days on site for observation and strategic conversations with you and your key colleagues.  
  • A closing round of feedback with your colleagues and other stakeholders to gauge progress and determine next steps.


Our Team Leverage Option

Increase the leverage and impact of your coaching engagement by getting your leadership team more involved.  To help you maximize the value of your coaching experience, Scott offers an additional day to work with you and your team to insure that everyone’s time and attention is aligned with your desired results. If you choose this option, Scott will work with you to structure a day that could include a leadership team workshop, one-on-one spot coaching for your team members or a facilitated team conversation on strategic opportunities.