Keynote Topics

Leading at the Next Level:  One thing we know for sure about today’s world is that results expectations are always changing.Changing expectations can result from a promotion, a bigger scope or a changing competitive environment.  No matter the reason, if you need to get different results, you’re going to have do things differently.  That’s what leading at the next level is all about and that’s what Scott addresses in this keynote presentation.  Your leaders will leave with news they can use that is as practical and immediately applicable as it is inspirational.

Tools for Next Level Leaders:  In this very popular and highly interactive workshop, Scott unpacks the tool kit that your leaders need to succeed at their next level.   If you choose to ask your participants to complete a pre-session Next Level leadership self assessment, Scott will tailor the workshop to zero in on the specific tools and lessons learned that will have the biggest impact on their success.  Tools for Next Level Leaders is designed to give your participants hands-on experience with tools and ideas that can apply as soon as they leave the workshop.  It’s a high energy and content packed session that can be delivered in 2, 4 and 6 hour formats on a standalone basis or as a component of an in-house program.

A Day in the Life of a Next Level Leader:  In this highly rated webinar presentation, Scott will paint a picture of how a high performing leader from your organization applies the tools and ideas in The Next Level to a typical day filled with a range of meetings and events.  To prepare for this session, Scott will interview a few of your leaders to learn more about what they do in a typical day.  When the webinar is presented, the context is clear because the events and language used to describe them will be familiar to the audience.   The use of flash polls, chat boards, visuals, live Q&A and an energetic delivery make this a lively and engaging session.

Preparing Leaders for the Next Level:  Do you wish you had more bandwidth for strategic thinking and action?  Are you feeling stuck in day to day issues and tactics?  If the answer is yes, that’s a good sign that you could be doing more to build the leadership bench strength of your organization.  Ironically, the skills that got you to a leadership role may be the ones that are keeping you from developing the next generation of leaders.  Delivered in both keynote and workshop formats, Scott Eblin will help you identify and act on the skills you need to prepare the rising leaders in your organization for next level roles.

Running Flat Out to Where Exactly?  Get Back on Course with a Life GPS®:  Is your calendar full of back to back appointments?  Are you constantly checking  your email?  Are you finding that there just aren’t enough hours in the day?  Wondering how much longer you can keep running flat out?  And where is it all leading anyway?

If these questions ring some bells for you, you could benefit from having your own Life GPS®.  In keynote and workshop formats, Scott Eblin will teach you how to use the personal planning tool he introduced in his book The Next Level.  Hundreds of Scott’s clients have benefitted from creating and using their own Life GPS® and now you can too.

Coaching Skills for Real Life Leaders:  It doesn’t matter what age group you’re leading – Boomers, Gen X or Gen Y – one thing they have in common is that they want coaching.  Today’s most effective leaders know how to use coaching to build bench strength and get things done.  In this half or full day workshop, executive coach and Georgetown University leadership coaching faculty member Scott Eblin will teach your leaders how to be better coaches.  Scott covers basic leadership coaching skills and give participants hands on coaching opportunities by using simple and effective models that address real life problems and opportunities.