Keynote, Workshop, Webinar Topics


What It Takes to Lead at the Next Level

Through real world stories, original research and field tested best practices, Scott shares what the most effective leaders consistently do and how they clear the hurdles on the way to creating next level results.

Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindful Leadership Solution

The convergence of ever higher expectations and 24/7 accessibility can leave even the best leaders feeling overworked and overwhelmed.  Based on the insights he’ll share in his next book, Scott shares how to apply the principles of mindful leadership to get results and still have a life.


Tools for Next Level Leaders

This half or full day workshop gives leaders hands-on experience with self and team coaching tools that can be applied immediately to build the kind of leadership presence that gets results.

Leading Next Level Teams

This half day workshop gives leaders simple, practical and immediately applicable methods to make the shift from “go-to person” to the leader who builds teams of “go-to people” to get bigger results.

Becoming a Mindful Leader

This one to two day workshop is designed to help leaders who are so busy doing things that they likely don’t see what needs to be done.  You don’t have to be a Buddhist monk to apply the principles of mindfulness to be a more effective leader.  This workshop offers simple, practical, and accessible methods for moving from mindless to mindful leadership.

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Leaders that know how to coach get more from their teams.  This one day workshop teaches leaders simple and immediately applicable ways to be the kind of coaches in that build talent and enable others to get things done.


Clearing the Roadblocks to the Next Level

This one hour webinar highlights the behaviors that block the progress of high performers and what leaders can do to clear those roadblocks.

A Day in the Life of a Next Level Leader

This one hour webinar highlights how a high performing leader uses Coachable Moments from The Next Level to succeed during a typically hectic day.