Listen In On the Weekly Leader Conversation

Posted 11.02.2010

Weeklyleader Last week, I had a thoroughly enjoyable conversation with Peter Mello.  In addition to being an executive coach and the founder of the Weekly Leader blog, Peter is a fantastic interviewer (Watch out Charlie Rose!)  Along with his colleague Pam Fox Rollin,  Peter produces a weekly podcast in which they discuss what’s going on in the world of leadership and share resources that they like.  Peter also interviews a leadership practitioner each week and, this week, I’m the guy in the seat.

The conversation flew by.  It was fun to talk about what’s new in the second edition of  The Next Level. What was more fun was to talk about some of the questions Peter asked that you don’t normally get in an interview.  We ended up talking about how my grandfather was my leadership hero, how I almost botched  a big step up to the executive level and why I can’t wait to read Keith Richard’s new autobiography, Life.

You can download the conversation for later or stream it live.  Either way, I hope you enjoy it.  Thanks, Peter, for the opportunity to talk with you.