Live Your Day Really Well

Posted 03.21.2016

art-uleneIf you’re of a certain age, you likely recognize the name, Dr. Art Ulene. For 23 years, he regularly appeared as the medical expert on NBC’s Today Show. While he’s long since retired from that gig, the show still runs his 30 Day Weight Loss program every year. Today he’s almost 80 years old and is a role model for the healthy lifestyle that he’s been promoting for years.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Art for a new podcast I’m launching later this year called, At Your Best. He was a terrific guest because he had so much wisdom to share on what I’ll be focusing on in the podcast:

  • How are you at your best?
  • What are the routines – physical, mental, relational and spiritual – that help you show up at your best?
  • What outcomes do you expect in the three big arenas of life – home, work and community – from showing up at your best?

In a few months, I’ll share the entirety of my conversation with Dr. Art with you but I couldn’t wait to share this brief excerpt with you today. In it, he shares a story about a conversation that was a turning point in how he approaches his life. As you begin another day or another week, take a couple of minutes to learn from Dr. Art Ulene about how to live your day really well.