New Leader? Check Out From Bud to Boss

Posted 02.15.2011

Book-budboss One of the more on target book titles I’ve heard lately is From Bud to Boss by Kevin Eikenberry and Guy Harris. Kevin and Guy have put their finger on and bring their considerable expertise to bear on a very common challenge – how to go from being the buddy of your peers to being their boss.  In their new book, which launches February 15, Eikenberry and Harris provide practical advice for first time supervisors on the internal and external changes that have to be made to succeed as a new supervisor. 

The authors have been kind enough to share a preview copy with me so I can say from firsthand observation that it’s full of useful exercises, tools and approaches that new leaders can use for everyone’s benefit.  Kevin and Guy have also put a lot of thought and time into web-based resources that enhance the book.

If you’re a new leader or know someone who is, I encourage you to check out From Bud to Boss.