Reading a business book, the right way

Posted 06.11.2008

Summer_reading Seth Godin makes an interesting point in one of his latest posts: 95 percent of a business book’s content typically focuses on motivating people to take action; the remaining 5 percent focuses on tips. The reason, he says, is that in the high-stakes world of business, the first step is to change your perspective, and then your behavior. So, a good business book is less a tip sheet, and more a motivator.

As you keep in mind Seth’s dos and dont’s for reading a business book, I thought I’d offer up a few suggestions for summer reading. For good or for bad, one of my habits is to have several books going at once (sometimes I even finish one!)  Here are some of the tomes I’m reading this summer — some business, some not — but all good (so far…)

And, by the way, there is no intended connection between the N.T. Wright book on resurrection and Then We Came to the End!