Weird Al Takes Business Buzz Word Abusers to School

Posted 07.31.2014

Years ago, someone introduced me to a game called BS Bingo. (They actually spelled it out but I’m keeping things PG here.) If you were playing, you had a bingo type card where each square contained a common business buzzword. You could take the card to a meeting and check off the boxes as you heard the words used. When you got five in a row in any direction, you yelled out, “BS!” and you were the winner.

God bless Weird Al Yankovic for bringing BS Bingo into the 21st Century. He’s recently released the video for “Mission Statement,” the last song on his new album (which hit number one on the Billboard chart last week!).

Making world class use of a whiteboard, Weird Al makes the case that “We must all efficiently operationalize our strategies,” and “leverage our core competencies.” Because, of course, at the end of the day it’s all about the synergy.

If it just doesn’t feel appropriate to yell out, “BS!” in your next management meeting, watch this video instead. It’s hilarious and at least it proves you’re not the only one being driven out of your mind.


What was your favorite line in the song? Any buzzwords that drive you crazy that Al missed and should include in the sequel?