52 Ways to Feel Less Overworked and Overwhelmed

Posted 10.15.2014

Wow, it has been quite a launch week for Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative. The response to the book in terms of sales, reader reviews and responses and media coverage has been overwhelming (in a really good way). I’ll share more on Friday about what I’ve learned from talking with people about why they’re interested in the book along with some of their stories.


For today, I thought I’d point you to some of the articles that have run this week that share ideas from the book or additional tips I’ve been offering for people who want to feel less overworked and overwhelmed. There are a total of 52 tips – one for each week of the year – in these five articles. My hope is that at least one of them will help you feel less overworked and overwhelmed.

Launch Week Special Offer Ends on Thursday

To say thanks for being a part of my blog community, I’m offering two companion resources to Overworked and Overwhelmed to readers who buy a hard cover copy of the book from Amazon between October 13 and 16. The first resource is a Group Discussion Guide designed to help like-minded people use the book to support each other in making essential changes in their lives. The second is the Life GPS® Personal Planner which includes a self-assessment, scoring guide and instructions on how to use the book to create a Life GPS® that helps you show up at your best and create the outcomes you want at home, at work and in your community. If you’ll send an Amazon receipt for your October 15 or 16 purchase of Overworked and Overwhelmed to ootma1.65zzo@zapiermail.com, we’ll get those two resources to you right away.