Leadership Presence Requires

Being Present

Calm. Clear. Confident.

A hyper-connected, do-more-with-less approach to work and life leaves too many leaders feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

The solution? Mindful leadership.

Drawing on the research behind two best-selling books and the experience of working with thousands of clients in dozens of the world’s best-known organizations, we help our clients arrive calm, clear, and confident.

Your Tools For Change

Named by The Globe and Mail as one of 2014’s best business books, Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative offers practical insights and actionable hope for today’s overworked and overwhelmed professional.

In his best-selling first book, top executive coach Scott Eblin breaks down leadership presence and the behaviors that leaders need to pick up and let go of to get next level results. The Next Level has made a difference for tens of thousands of leaders since the first edition was released in 2006.

The Life GPS® is your guide to a life and career that works. Thousands of people around the world have used the Life GPS® to help define how they are at their best, the routines that reinforce that, and the outcomes that are most important to them at home, work, and in their community.

Coaches, Increase Your Impact

Ready to make a bigger difference in the world through your work as a coach? We’re ready to help.

Find your "sweet spot" of influence and income as a coach - in a shorter time than you ever thought possible - with our mentoring and mastermind program, The Conduit.

Change the lives and results of your clients with our Life GPS® Certification and Licensing Program.

Developing mindful leaders in great organizations

Capital One

October 2016


Next Level Coaching

Working with a senior executive coaching client

Minneapolis, MN


Next Level Leadership® Program

Working with a senior executive coaching client and his leadership team

Norfolk, VA


Meeting of coaching colleagues

Washington, DC


Next Level Leadership® Program

Fortune 500 client

Southern California

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