The Big Reveal for Overworked and Overwhelmed

Posted 04.25.2014

If you’re a current reader of our Practical Insights newsletter then the cat’s out of the bag and you’ve already seen our big reveal. But for those who are not we didn’t want you to miss out.

So in case you missed the news, I’m writing a new book. Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative which is being released by Wiley this Fall. This book is for any professional who feels like their RPM is maxed out and in the red zone. Sustaining that is exhausting but often the way out seems just as daunting. By making the concepts and practices of mindfulness simple, practical and applicable, this book will help readers take meaningful steps to regaining control over the 168 hours available in any given week.

But what is a book without a cover?  So, here’s the big reveal of the cover for Overworked and Overwhelmed!


Now that we have a cover, we know we’re really on the way! Perhaps your next question is when can you order a copy for yourself or your favorite overworked and overwhelmed colleague. Not quite yet, but soon! We’ll let you know as soon as pre-orders open. If you want to be one of the first to know, sign up to get updates.