Business Travel Divas Turn Themselves In

Posted 07.26.2010

Suitcase Regular readers of this blog know that I’m on a reduced writing schedule while I’m on vacation with my family.  And those who read my post, The Business Travel Diva’s Guide to Family Vacations a few weeks ago also know that I’m working hard to not be a travel diva jerk on this trip. So far, so good. At least that’s the feedback from my wife and kids.

When I wrote the guide, I had a sense that I wasn’t the only business travel diva out there. Since then, I’ve received confirmation that I’m not alone. There are some excellent comments on my original post (feel free to add yours) and, over the weekend, I learned that the Gulliver blog on The Economist’s web site picked up on the post and added it’s own perspective. There are some great reader comments there as well including this one from reader Edward:

“Having a strict no check-in luggage rule = no partner = die alone…”

Enjoy your summer family vacation everyone. Or, for my European readers, your holiday. (That sounds so much more fun than a vacation. I’d much rather go on holiday than to vacate.)