Custom-Fit Motivation

Posted 09.29.2008

My research on leadership suggests that custom-fit communications is one of the pillars of the personal presence that executives need to demonstrate.  By custom-fit, I mean that leaders need to be outcome oriented and audience specific in their communications.

Paul Azinger In his Golf Journal column in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, John Paul Newport shares the story of how U.S. captain Paul Azinger used custom-fit communications to motivate the members of his team to a stirring victory in golf’s Ryder Cup earlier this month.  As the article points out, Azinger worked with his own leadership coach to hone in on the specific messages that would energize each of his 12 team members.  He clearly understood that, because he was dealing with different individuals, a one-size fits all pep talk would not get the job done.

Especially lately, there are plenty of opportunities for leaders to tailor their communications to the outcome they’re trying to create and to the audiences they’re leading.  What’s coming up on your calendar this week that calls for a custom fit approach to communications and motivation?