Dan Snyder and the First Rule of Holes

Posted 06.19.2014

daniel-snyder1The first rule of holes is that when you’re in one, quit digging. Apparently, Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder didn’t get that memo. He’s in a deep hole and continues to dig.

Long time readers of this blog know that I am not a fan of Snyder. Back in 2009, I wrote a rant/takedown on his leadership style that, to my surprise, landed me on TV. I am sorry to report that not much has changed since then including his insistence on sticking with the offensive name of his team.

You may have seen the news that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has cancelled the Redskins trademark registration because its disparaging to Native Americans. Of course it is, as this devastating television ad that the National Congress of American Indians ran during the NBA Finals makes clear.

It’s highly unlikely that Dan Snyder would ever call on me for advice but if he did, my counsel would be simple – “Dude, stop digging.”

If you’re a leader, you will sometimes find yourself on the wrong side of an argument. When you do, the best choice is to acknowledge your mistake and look for a graceful resolution.