How to Get and Be a Great Peer Coach

Posted 08.03.2021

What if you had a powerful resource right down the hall or a Zoom click away that could help you be an even more effective leader day in and day out? And what if that resource not only helped strengthen your leadership but could even help improve the quality of your life? And what if that powerful resource was free and yours for the asking? My guess is you’d be asking, “Where do I sign up?”

That resource is called peer coaching and it’s one that I’ve been sharing with the leaders in my development programs for over 15 years. After that much experience, I’m convinced that peer coaching is at least two things – a game changer and the most underutilized resource in most organizations.

Peer coaching is a structured but informal, mutually beneficial relationship in which colleagues provide each other regular opportunities to pull the lens back to determine what’s working and what’s not and then make plans to double down on what’s working and make adjustments on what’s not. It’s free, it’s widely available and it works.

Peer coaching works so well, in fact, that after many years of teaching leaders in my programs and speeches how to be great peer coaches for each other, I now want to share it with as many people as possible. That’s why I’m very excited to introduce my first free, digital mini-course on How to Get and Be a Great Peer Coach.

In the course, I distill all of that experience down into a little more than 15 minutes of learning for you. I’ll share what peer coaching can do for you, what to look for in a peer coach and three coaching scripts that you and your peer coach can use to help each other with three common scenarios that almost all leaders deal with every week.

Get and Be a Great Peer Coach

As far as what peer coaching can do for you, here’s what some of my clients have told me peer coaching has done for them:

  • “Peer coaching gives our senior staff a reason and permission to develop deeper, long-lasting and helpful relationships across our company.” – Susie Bonvouloir, Chief People Officer, GCOM
  • “Peer coaching helps to create an environment in which I can be vulnerable without fear of being judged. Knowing that my peer coach has my best interests at heart allows me to be brutally honest.” – Paul P., Sales Executive, Pharmaceutical Industry
  • “I found a tremendous amount of value in working with my peer coach. Having a trusted partner to talk through issues with, bounce ideas around and receive encouragement and accountability was truly beneficial!” – Torrie McMeeken, Director of Payments, Chartway Federal Credit Union

I’m offering How to Get and Be a Great Peer Coach because I believe it’s a basic building block of great leadership that everyone should have. It’s that fundamental. I’ve learned so much from my clients over the years about great peer coaching (and so many other things). Offering this free course is one way I can give back and pay it forward. As much as I’d love for you to be in one of my leadership development programs, now you don’t have to wait to learn from me how to get and be a great peer coach. You can enroll in the free 15-minute course, go out and recruit a peer coach and start coaching each other this week.

I hope you’ll enroll in How to Get and Be a Great Peer Coach today, share it with colleagues who can benefit from it, start peer coaching and share your success stories with me!

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