Leadership Lessons Podcast: Do More Great Work

Posted 08.13.2010

Stenier_michael Stenier_book After a bit of a hiatus, the Leadership Lessons Podcast series returns this week with my interview with author and 2006 Canadian coach of the year, Michael Bungay Stanier. Michael is the author of the bestseller, Do More Great Work, and is the guy to talk to if you want to figure out how to shift your time and attention from the good work to the great work and drop the bad work entirely.

  In our interview, Michael shares his insights on:

  • The difference between bad, good and great work
  • Why you shouldn’t want to spend 100% of your time on great work.
  • How to find and act on your definition of great work.

Michael’s a great coach and a terrific story teller. It’s a 20 minute conversation that I think you’ll enjoy. Listen in via the MP3 link below.

MP3 File