How to Promote Yourself and Still Respect Yourself

Posted 10.04.2013

book-promote-yourselfIn a world where there is more and more information competing for everyone’s attention, it’s important to make sure you stay relevant.  If you’re a leader in a large organization, this is especially important because your team’s success depends on how good a job you do as their Chief Marketing Officer.  As I’ve written here before, the work doesn’t speak for itself, you have to speak for the work.

That’s what leadership and career expert Dan Schwabel teaches you how to do in his new book, Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success. Dan is a particular expert in the millennial generation and has made it his mission to help members of that cohort be accountable for their careers and take charge of their lives.

I spoke with Dan recently about his book and asked him for his top three ideas on how leaders can promote their work without, as Dan says, coming off like “a self-promotional jerk.”  Whether you’re a millennial or not, Dan offers some very important advice which you can hear in the brief interview that accompanies this post.

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What are your thoughts? Does the work speak for itself or do you have to speak for the work?  If it’s the latter, how do you promote yourself and still respect yourself?