Preview The New Audiobook of The Next Level

Posted 02.10.2020
The Next Level audiobook

For everyone who likes to get their leadership development through their ears instead of their eyes, I have good news. The audio edition of my book, The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success has arrived and is ready to stream through your earbuds.

The new audio edition is available wherever you purchase your audio books including Amazon, Apple Books and You can listen to a free preview and introduction to the book here.

That resonant voice you hear in the preview is KTLA-TV anchor Frank Buckley who did a great job narrating the book.

We’ve learned that not all of the audio book vendors make it possible to download the PDF with the book so we’re providing it here for everyone whether you have the audio edition or not.  The PDF includes graphics that are in the print edition like a summary table of the behaviors leaders need to pick up and let go of when they’re moving to the next level and a Life GPS® worksheet that you can use to map out your strategy for effective self-management.

After you’ve given the new edition of The Next Level a listen or a read, please leave a review on Amazon.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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