To Coach or Not to Coach? The August Leadership Development Challenge

Posted 08.17.2011

It’s time for this month’s Leadership Development Roundtable Challenge.  Executive coach and blogger Mary Jo Asmus has written up a “ripped from today’s headlines,” case involving a manager who says he wants coaching but doesn’t follow through.  The question is, if you’re the coach, what do you do to get this client back on track?

The lineup of leadership and HR bloggers weighing in include Mary Jo,  Dan McCarthy, from Great Leadership,   Art Petty, from Management Excellence,  Sharlyn Lauby, from HRBartender,  Jennifer Miller, from The People Equation , Gwyn Teatro, from You’re Not the Boss of Me and yours truly.

Oh yeah, we want you to weigh in too!  Head over to Mary Jo’s blog to read the case, vote for your favorite answer and leave one of your own.