What Does Your Boss Really Want From You?

Posted 05.22.2014


What’s the most critical relationship you have at work? Any way you slice it, the relationship you have with your boss has to be very close to the top of the list if it doesn’t already occupy the number one spot. Because your relationship with your boss has so much impact on what you’re able to do, what you’re known for, what your future prospects look like and so many other factors, it just makes sense to step back and think about what your boss really wants from you.

That’s the topic of a new book, What Your Boss Really Wants from You, by veteran leadership coach and consultant Steve Arneson. In short, simple and practical language, Steve draws on his years of experience as an executive and a coach to offer a three step process for understanding what your boss really wants. The steps are:

  • Study your boss
  • Consider how your boss sees you.
  • Take responsibility for your relationship with your boss.

In a recent conversation with Steve, he shared with me some key questions that will help you unpack each of these steps and put them to work. Listen in to our brief conversation to get the download on what your boss really wants from you.

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