Your Most Important Leadership Moment …

Posted 11.03.2008

Vote here … is, of course, to vote tomorrow.  It’s easy, in the midst of the swirl, to lose perspective and believe that any presidential election is the most important in history.  I won’t go there, but the multi-hour lines of early voters around the country, the record TV ratings for the debates and the fact that Obama’s paid 30 minute ad last week drew more viewers than the American Idol finale suggest that something big is going on this year.

If, by chance, you are undecided on who to support, this morning’s Washington Post offers a concise issue by issue comparison of McCain’s positions vs. Obama’s.  (The Post comparison is not online yet.  In the meantime, check out this comparison at  On his Sunday morning show yesterday morning, Chris Matthews asked Washington Post columnist Gene Robinson, “On a purely existential basis, could an African-American voter live with themselves if they don’t vote in this election?”  Robinson, himself an African-American, laughed and said he didn’t think so.  I don’t think it’s limited to African-Americans; I think anyone who doesn’t vote in this election is going to look back on that lack of involvement with regret.

If you’ve decided, make sure you vote tomorrow.  If you’re undecided, make up your mind and make sure you vote tomorrow.  As Bob Scheiffer said in closing the last debate, “It will make you feel big and strong.”