Another Example of How My Son is Usually Right

Posted 08.07.2008

Toddler_games When my son, Andy, was in high school, I used to worry about the amount of time he spent playing massive multi-player online (MMO) games. At the same time, I was pretty fascinated by the planning, organization, creativity and communication that he and his friends around the world were engaged in as they planned a raid on an enemy’s base or figured out their options for upgrading a server for their gaming.

As reported in Harvard Business Review and summarized on, it turns out that Andy was building the leadership skills he’ll need to compete in a global economy that relies on virtual connections. What are those skills? Well, for starters, speed, risk taking, flexibility, motivating others and operating in a hyper-transparent information environment.

Looking for rising leaders that have the skills needed for collaboration and innovation? Let me know and I’ll ask Andy to introduce you to some of his online friends. In the meantime, what are you noticing about how the online gaming world intersects with your business?