Are You an Apple or a Google?

Posted 07.27.2011

Apple-google A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post titled “Are You an IBM or a Dell?”  Today’s post continues with the tech ID theme and is inspired by an article in the New York Times by Randall Stross. In it, he makes the point that the big decisions at Apple are made by one person, Steve Jobs relying on his gut and sense of design.  In contrast, the big decisions at Google are made by groups of people relying on data.  As Stross frames it, it’s the auteur vs. the committee.

I thought it was a great article because it makes the point that there is rarely only one right answer about how to get things done. In my own case, I’m more naturally inclined to the Google model where decisions are made by lots of people providing input based on fact based arguments. On the other hand, I’m writing this post on my iPad, totally love my iPhone and am the last person in my family who is not working on a Mac. I can see both sides of the argument.

So, which side do you come down on? Auteur or committee? What are your thoughts on when it’s best to go with the edict of the genius and when it’s best to go with the wisdom of the crowd?