Executive Coaching

Connect the What with the How


When you’re a leader, you control the weather. However you show up is completely predictive of how your team shows up and, in turn, what gets accomplished, or not. As a trusted coach and advisor to scores of Fortune 500 and high-growth start-up executives, Scott Eblin helps his senior executive clients step back to understand and leverage the linkage between what they want to accomplish and how they and their leaders need to be to make that happen.

One-On-One Coaching for Top Leaders

Make the Connection

Great leaders have one big thing in common. They make the connection between the outcomes they want to create and the way they engage as leaders. They understand that to lead at their best, they need to live at their best. When they do, good things happen. They have the bandwidth needed to make great decisions. They positively influence others through their actions and presence. And because they do, they create the outcomes they’re looking for.

As your executive coach, Scott Eblin helps you to define and act on the connection between what you want to accomplish and how you need to be to do that. Coaching with Scott won’t just improve your business outcomes, it will improve your life.

Our Coaching Process

  • Start by taking a deep dive on where you and your team are now and where you want to be.
  • Gather key colleague and stakeholder feedback to understand the strengths you can deploy in new ways and the development opportunities you can leverage to get the results you want.
  • Regular coaching conversations to help you get off the daily dance floor and onto the balcony to better assess what’s working, what’s not, and what to do next.
  • Create your Life GPS® to define and follow through on the personal performance routines that will enable you to live at your best to lead at your best.
  • Role modeling for your team members the kind of leader you want them to be by engaging them openly and honestly on the work you’re doing for yourself and for them.
  • “All-access pass” approach from Scott to give you the support you need outside of regularly scheduled conversations.
  • Virtual or on-site observation and strategic conversations with you and your key colleagues.
  • Periodic and closing rounds of follow-up feedback with your colleagues to gauge progress and determine next steps.

C-Suite Team Coaching

Shape Strategy and Culture

For C-Suite executives he is supporting through individual coaching, Scott offers the option of coaching their high performing leadership team in shaping strategy and the culture that supports it by designing and facilitating a series of three team off-sites over the course of 12 months.

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