Executive Coaching

Be The Best You Can Be


Even the most talented and accomplished leaders benefit from the outside-in perspective our executive coaching offers. Based on Scott Eblin’s 15 plus years as a coach, his real-world understanding of corporate leadership and the research behind his two books, our approach to executive coaching delivers practical and actionable insights for you to be the best you can be - in leadership and life.

One On One Coaching

Strengthen Your Personal Leadership

The great leaders have one big thing in common. They don’t just lead at their best; they live at their best. They understand that to lead others effectively, they first have to lead themselves effectively.

Great leaders practice and exhibit strong personal leadership. They endeavor to live at their best so they can lead at their best. Their lives are structured for continuous improvement.

The outside-in perspective you’ll gain from our executive coaching will help you be at your best in all arenas. We limit the number of executive coaching engagements we accept to ensure that our clients get all the support they need and want from Scott.

Our Coaching Process

  • Begin by clarifying your goals and together we’ll create a plan to achieve them.
  • Determine your high-leverage opportunities through colleague feedback.
  • Use your Life GPS® to define how you are at your best, the routines that will reinforce that and the outcomes you expect to create.
  • Six months of coaching conversations to use your calendar as a real-life learning opportunity.
  • On-site observation and strategic conversations with you and your key colleagues.
  • Closing round of follow-up feedback with your colleagues to gauge progress and determine next steps.

Team Leverage

Scale Your Leadership. Get Your Team Involved.

Scale your coaching experience by getting your team involved. We offer a range of options to help you share the benefits of coaching with your leadership team. We’ve worked with our executive coaching clients to get their teams involved through customized workshops, facilitated strategic conversations, and team leadership assessments backed up by both short and longer term coaching.

Talk with us about tailoring the team coaching experience to meet your needs and goals.

Practical Insights to Lead and Live At Your Best