See Scott in Action

Why Scott?

Our founder, Scott Eblin, has been a Fortune 500 manager and executive. He’s been a trusted coach and advisor to governors, admirals and CEOs. And he’s been through a personal journey, thriving in the face of multiple sclerosis and managing its effects. He uses these experiences in his keynotes and workshops by sharing grounded research and compelling, real-world stories to spark practical ideas that you can put to work immediately. With this expertise, Scott can deliver leadership insights, virtually and in person, to audiences ranging from 30 to more than 3,000. See our most popular topics below or we'll work with you to customize a presentation for your unique needs.

Keynotes and Workshops

The era-defining events we’re living through bring both uncertainty and clarity – uncertainty about the future, but clarity on the true importance of leadership. Different challenges call for new approaches, and we wrote the book on what skills, behaviors, and beliefs leaders need in order to succeed at the next level. Here’s how we help you lead and live at your best.

Leading at the Next Level

For “leaders only,” this 75-90 minute interactive keynote builds on the leadership pyramid from Scott Eblin’s best-seller, The Next Level to give leaders practical and immediately applicable takeaways on three key imperatives:

  • Managing yourself
  • Leveraging your team
  • Engaging your colleagues

Pair this with our new course Next Level Leader: A Proven Plan to Increase Your Influence and Impact. 

Reducing Overwork and Overwhelm

For “all hands” or “leaders only,” and based on Scott Eblin’s best-seller, Overworked and Overwhelmed, the takeaways from this 75 – 90 interactive keynote include:

  • How to get out of chronic fight or flight
  • How to establish an optimal life rhythm
  • How to create better outcomes at home, at work and in the world by living and leading at your best

Making Work from Home Work for You

For “all-hands,” in the WFH era, the takeaways from this 75 – 90 minutes interactive keynote include:

  • How to sustain your productivity and focus while working from home
  • How to counteract the state of chronic fight or flight that living and working during a global pandemic can induce.
  • How to establish a flexible and responsive life rhythm that enables you to honor your commitments to yourself, your family and friends, your team, your colleagues and your customers.

Leading for the Now and the Next

For leaders grappling with the complexity and uncertainty of the current operating environment, the takeaways for the 75 – 90 minutes interactive keynote include:

  • Developing clarity on establishing organizational agendas in the transitional phase between the end of the old way of operating and the beginning of the “next normal.”
  • Applying specific action steps aligned with lessening the impact of operating in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.
  • Keeping team members engaged through actually engaging them in imagining and defining the “next normal.”


In Our Client's Words

“Scott provided a balance of work-related and personal self-help tools to ensure that everyone is able to give their best at all times.”
– Chris Newman, SVP, T. Rowe Price

“Scott offered so much practical advice for maintaining perspective and keeping it all together. If we ever decide to host him again, please sign me up!”
– Operations Associate, T. Rowe Price

“Scott engaged our online audience of global leaders with compelling content they could put to work.”
– Angela Lopez-Roso, Head of Global Talent Development, Novo Nordisk

“Scott was leading the way in meaningful and engaging virtual leadership sessions long before they were required for the current climate.”
– Holly Franz, Program Manager, Human Technology