How to Find Your Entrepreneurial You

Posted 10.18.2017

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an author conversation but I think this one is worth the wait. Join me for a fun, informative and possibly life changing conversation with Dorie Clark, the author of three books including the just-released, Entrepreneurial You.

Whether you run your own business, are thinking about starting your own business, want to jump-start your side-hustle or are perfectly happy in your job, there’s something in this conversation for you.

Over the course of around 30 minutes, Dorie and I talk about:

  • How losing her job forced her to learn how to be an entrepreneur.
  • How to be the master of your own story.
  • Why it’s critical to be seen as among the best at what you do.
  • Why being known for your expertise is essential but not sufficient.
  • How to be paid what you’re worth.
  • Dorie’s one best piece of advice for the full-time job person who wants to start the side hustle to scratch their entrepreneurial itch.
  • Why she’s taken up stand-up comedy and what she’s learned about herself in the process.

We covered a lot of ground and I think you’ll enjoy listening in. If you want to know more about Dorie, her work and her books, visit

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