Why You Need to Flex to Connect as a Leader

Posted 03.27.2014


In the nine years since Tom Friedman wrote The World Is Flat, it has become even flatter and smaller. Even if you’re a leader who never leaves your home country, in any given day you’re likely to be video conferencing with colleagues halfway around the world and sitting in meeting rooms with team members who grew up in other cultures, come from different socio-economic backgrounds than yours, are significantly older or younger than you or represent any number of other differences from your own experience and background.

Effectively leading and working in an increasingly global and diverse community of customers and co-workers is a critical skill set for leaders.

Fortunately, there’s a great new book out called Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences that can help you build the empathy muscles you need to be an effective global leader.

I recently had a chance to speak with one of the Flex co-authors, Audrey Lee. In this podcast interview Audrey explains how flexing is the art of switching between behaviors and styles to connect with people who are different than you. She also shares some very helpful insights and tips on how to flex while still being your authentic self.

It’s an information filled ten minute discussion that I think is worth your time.

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