Healthy Food Options On The Road

Posted 06.06.2014

salad1Are you someone who travels a lot for business or is headed out on a vacation and you don’t want to abandon your healthy eating habits? Or maybe you’re thinking the life of fast food in the airport or at highway exits is your only option and it’s all bad.

Here are a few quick tips for our road warriors readers. They’re all really simple and will help you to feel great on the road.

1. Drink water instead of soda, juices, beer, wine or liquor. Yeah I know you’ve heard it before and it sounds boring. So make it more exciting and grab a club soda or sparkling water for some bubbles. If you can squeeze in lemon or lime, even better. If you’re buying a flavored water, read the label to see what that flavoring is made from and how much sugar it contains. Drinking water is especially important if you are flying as the humidity level on a plane is at least half of what is typical. That means alcohol and caffeine will dehydrate you even more than usual. So if you don’t want to end up like a dried prune, choose water. And, if you’re going to imbibe, do so in mindful moderation.

2. Eat Whole Fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth and stay away from the processed stuff and juices. Convenience stores almost always carry some reasonably fresh fruits so choose those instead of fruit power bar with tons of sugar and a list of ingredients that is longer than your arm. If you’re flying, grab some fruit in the airport before you get on the plane (or throw an apple or banana in your bag before you leave home). Skip those cookies and muffins and grab the fruit!

3. Salads Over Burgers If you’re only option is a fast food joint and they offer salads don’t just pick the first one you see. Find out what’s in it and what the calorie count is. Some salads have as many calories as a burger. Also investigate the dressing. Do you recognize the ingredients? Are you good with the calories and grams of sugar in there? No? Then, try a squeeze of lemon on your salad.

4. Go Nuts! When given the choice between nuts and potato chips, pick nuts. They have more protein and less carbs that will tire you out. Most convenience stores carry nuts. When buying, look for dry roasted options not ones with extra oil. Also if you’re checking out that bag of trail mix because it has more than just nuts and more could be better, it’s most likely not. Grab some whole fruit to go with those nuts and you’ll be better off. Go slow when you’re eating them. They’ll fill you up more and you’ll spread out the calorie intake if you don’t down them by the handful.

5. Pack it yourself. Yes I just said it. Plan ahead and take some things with you that you already know you like and that are within your range of options. You can make them yourself or buy them, but pack your own bag. I never travel on a plane without my own meal and snacks. This way I have more control over my options.

So happy trails this Summer. Safe travels and happy and healthy eating!

What are your favorite snack hacks for Summer travel? Please leave a comment so we can all learn from each other.