How to present like Steve Jobs

Posted 09.03.2008

Steve Jobs communications The folks at Citrix (producer of the very cool product Go to recently sent along a video summary from communications coach Carmine Gallo on what Steve Jobs consistently does that makes him a great communicator. In addition to being a brilliant designer, innovator and marketer, year in and year out Jobs does an amazing job of creating buzz for Macs, iPhones and the like by delivering show stopping presentations. How does he do it? Here are his first three “go to moves”:

1. Make a plan on paper. Jobs’ presentations are planned out like movies, with story development and climaxes.

2. Set the theme. MacWorld 2008’s theme was, "There’s something in the air" – which built anticipation for the unveiling of the new MacBook Air, but didn’t give away the surprise.

3. Show enthusiasm!

Jobs shows genuine pride and excitement as he discusses Apple achievements, which inspires his audiences. Working on your personal presence? Learn at the feet of the master, Steve Jobs.