Top 10 List of What Great Bosses Do

Posted 09.02.2008

Top 10 leadership qualities Among the many contributions that David Letterman has made to the betterment of society is the popularization of the Top 10 list. Taking a much more substantive approach than the typical Letterman list, Jill Geisler of the Poynter Institute offers this list of 10 things that she’s observed in great bosses. Among my favorites:

  • Supporting the success of others
  • Coaching the team
  • Dealing with conflict head on

One of the things I like about Jill’s post is that she does a great job of providing links that go deeper on a number of her points. Of course, no list, no matter how good, is ever comprehensive. One thing I’d add to Jill’s list is that great bosses develop their stars by focusing attention on what needs to be accomplished and letting go of telling how to do it (even if — especially if — they have the “right” answer). What other tips would you add to the list of what great bosses do?