My Favorite 9.62% of the Rules of Thumb

Posted 03.26.2010

Thumbsup Earlier this week, I was with a group of business owners in the training and performance industry. As you might imagine, it was a pretty energetic and creative group of people. Someone at the meeting shared with us a list of rules that comes from a book called Rules of Thumb. The author is Alan Webber  who is the co-founder of one of my favorite magazines, Fast Company. Knew the magazine. Didn’t know the book. Happy to have found out about it.

Webber offers 52 Rules of Thumb for life in his book. I’ve reviewed the list several times now and thought I’d share my five favorite (or 9.62%) of Webber’s 52 rules. Here they are:

Rule 1:  When the going gets tough, the tough relax.

Rule 10:  A good question beats a good answer.

Rule 18:  Knowing it ain’t the same as doing it.

Rule 32:  Content isn’t king.  Context is king.

Rule 47: Everyone’s at the center of their map of the world.

Webber wraps things up by encouraging you to come up with your own 53rd Rule of Thumb.  Here’s mine:

It’s important to understand the difference between what should be and what is.

What’s yours?