Overworked and Overwhelmed? We Have an Offer for You and Your Colleagues

Posted 08.22.2014

Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative - New Book by Scott EblinIf you’ve been reading this blog the past few months, you know that I’ve been working on my next book, Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative. There are two questions that people usually ask me when they hear the title of the book. The first is, “When can I read it?” The second is “How does the new book relate to what you’ve been doing?”

On the first question, I’m thrilled to let you know that Overworked and Overwhelmed is now in production and will be available on October 13. On the second question, I view this new book as the logical successor to my first book, The Next Level. The connection is explained in the tag line of the new Eblin Group website we’re launching in a few weeks:

Leadership presence requires being present.

 The Next Level is all about leadership presence. Overworked and Overwhelmed is all about how to be present.

As you can see on our dedicated website about the book, it’s garnered very strong endorsements from best selling leadership experts like Dan Pink and Marshall Goldsmith and business leaders like the Chief Learning Officer of GE. In the same way that The Next Level offers leadership tips that are easy to do and likely to make a difference, Overworked and Overwhelmed makes the principles of mindfulness practical and accessible for stressed-out professionals who think they’re too busy to meditate. Go to the Overworked and Overwhelmed book site now to download a complementary copy of the Introduction to the book.

We’re very confident that this book is going to make a difference for you and your organization so we’re making it very attractive for you to share it with your colleagues. Here are the details. (Please share this post with those who would be interested):

Pre-order multiple copies of the hardcover book before October 1, 2014, send proof of purchase to the email listed below according to the quantity you purchased, and you’ll receive complementary tools to maximize the impact of the book!

Contact OOTMA@EblinGroup.com for assistance!

With any purchase of 3 or more copies, you will receive a:

  • A downloadable Life GPS® Personal Planner, which includes a self-assessment to identify the reasons you feel overworked and overwhelmed and a step-by-step guide on how to take small steps toward big change.
  • A downloadable Group Discussion Guide with chapter-by-chapter questions and activities to run your own Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative book group.

Click here to email us (ootma1.65zzo@zapiermail.com) and send us a copy of your receipt for your purchase of 3 – 99 copies.

Purchases of 100-499 Copies

At this level, you’ll receive an invite to a live and highly interactive group 90-minute webinar with me on how to apply the ideas in the book.

Click here to email us (ootma2.65zzo@zapiermail.com) and send us a copy of your receipt for your purchase of 100-499 copies.

Purchases of 500 – 749 Copies

I will come to you and deliver a half-day workshop for your organization.

My travel and lodging are not included. Travel is limited intended to U.S. locations only. (Limit 15)

Click here to email us (ootma3.65zzo@zapiermail.com) and tell us about your purchase of 500-749 copies.

Purchases of 750 – 999 Copies

I’ll come to you for the day and you can deploy me however you like. You can mix and match from my repertoire to include a combination of a keynote, one-on-one coaching sessions, team coaching, a workshop, consulting on your topics of choice, or anything else you can dream up that we can do in a day.

My travel and lodging are not included. Travel is limited to U.S. locations only. (Limit 5)

Click here to email us (ootma4.65zzo@zapiermail.com) and send us a copy of your receipt for your purchase of 750-999 copies.

Half and Full Day events must take place by March 31, 2015.

SPONSORSHIP – Purchases of 1000 or More Copies

At this level you become one of our revered book launch sponsors! Contact us to discuss how your organization can best utilize the content and my time with your organization.

I’d love to have a conversation with you to talk about how you and your organization can benefit from Overworked and Overworked: The Mindfulness Alternative. Our team is ready to help you place your bulk orders. Please get in touch with us at OOTMA@EblinGroup.com to get started.