How to Relax Like a Baby

Posted 11.10.2014

relaxed-babyOne of my guiding principles in life is to look for and act on the stuff that’s easy to do and likely to make a difference. Even the smallest mindful breaks can make a huge difference in reducing the overwork and overwhelm that comes with modern life.

If you are looking for a super simple way to get started, you’ll want to listen to my recent conversation with Mimi Sommers. Mimi is the author of a children’s book

called Relax a-bye Baby. Following the classic advice of write what you know, she wrote the book after she used what she had learned about body scan meditation to help her young son settle down, relax and go to sleep after a busy day. When he kept asking her to repeat the process every night, Mimi knew she had to write a bedtime book that other parents could read to their kids.


As I said in my conversation with Mimi, you don’t have to be the parent of young kids to benefit from this book. It’s a beautiful little introduction to a process that anyone can use to center themselves at the end of or in the midst of a busy day.

I think the best part of the conversation is when Mimi reads a few passages from the book. Enjoy this opportunity to relax like a baby!

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