The Leader’s Pocket Checklist for Holiday Office Parties

Posted 12.03.2010

Holiday-party It’s that time of the year. The holiday office party season has begun. As my friend Dan McCarthy highlights on his Great Leadership blog, office parties are making a bit of a comeback this year. They can be fun. They can also be dangerous.  It’s amazing what a casual setting, rich food and alcohol can do to people’s judgment.

So, if you’re a leader who’s hosting or attending a holiday office party, remember you’re still (maybe even especially) on stage while you’re at the party.  Just in time for the weekend, here’s a handy checklist that you can clip and carry in your pocket or wallet.

  • Don’t wear clothing that makes it hard to breathe or hard for others to look you in the eyes.
  • Think before you drink.
  • Don’t share things you wouldn’t say in the office.
  • Don’t do anything you’re not willing to see on Facebook.
  • Avoid the karaoke machine (unless you’ve been independently confirmed as the next American Idol).
  • Accept hugs. Don’t offer them. Keep them brief.
  • Be willing to overlook some level of stupid behavior on the part of others.
  • Go home with the one that brung ya.
  • Oh yeah, have fun. It’s a nice opportunity to share your human side. Just make it your good human side.

What else would you add to the list? Care to share any holiday party horror stories?  (That could be fun.)