Three and a Half Minute Coaching Session

Posted 03.02.2009

Last Friday, I joined in with about 120 colleagues at the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program alumni reunion.  I thought it was a great opportunity to collect some wisdom so I took my trusty Flip video camera and asked a bunch of great executive coaches what their most important question is for leaders in this challenging time.  The result is this three and a half minute coaching session.  Check it out.  I practically guarantee that you’ll hear at least one question that will provoke some fresh thinking and creative action on your part.

So, which question made you stop and think?  Leave a comment by clicking on the link.  What question would you add to the list?

Thanks to the following terrific coaches for sharing their most important question:

Neil Stroul, Rae Ringel, Steve Heller, Don Blohowiak, Roz Kay, Ellen Fulton, Lew Rumford, Bea Fields, Frank Ball, Ray Francis, LeeAnnWurster-Naefe, Barry Goldberg, Brad Sterl and Lori Ermi.

Most of these folks have their own website.  I encourage you to Google them to learn more about what they do.