Tips for Becoming Self-Confident

Posted 06.19.2008


Back in 2004, I had the opportunity to spend a few days in La Jolla with Marshall Goldsmith and about 100 other coaches and leadership advisors. After listening to Marshall for a couple of days, I came away from that meeting with the confidence and inspiration to write The Next Level. So, it was with interest that I recently read Marshall’s seven ideas for developing and exhibiting self-confidence  on his blog for Harvard Business School Press. Take a few moments to read the comments of his readers as they offer some good ideas of their own.

In addition to my core advice of developing a "swing thought" routine of visualizing your desired outcomes and how you need to show up to make that outcome likely, I would add to the list the importance of doing your homework.  Solid preparation for a meeting, a speech or an event can do a lot for building self-confidence.