Vacation Humor

Posted 06.26.2008

Vacation humor

Greetings all. The posts have slowed down a bit this week while I’m on vacation. Among other things, that means more time to browse through important but not urgent magazines like the New Yorker. It’s good to have a few minutes to do more than just look at the cartoons!

This week’s issue has a very funny Shouts and Murmurs column by Simon Rich about conversations between animals. Here’s a quick example:


“Hey, look, the truck’s stopping.”
“Did they take us to the park this time?”
“No—it’s a fire. Another horrible fire.”
“What the hell is wrong with these people?”

Now that I think about it, those dogs seem to have the right perspective.  Check out the column for more wisdom from frogs and free-range chickens (OK, it may not be wisdom from the chickens but the frogs are pretty smart.) Enjoy. Laugh.