My Top Three Leadership Reads for Your Summer Vacation

Posted 07.31.2019

Just in time for your summer beach reading, I thought I’d share a quick recap of the three most popular blog posts I’ve run so far this year. Happily, each of the posts addresses one of the three key leadership imperatives I identify in the new 3rd edition of The Next Level:

  • Manage yourself
  • Leverage your team
  • Engage your colleagues

My most popular post on managing yourself so far this year has been How to Keep Your Poker Face. If you could benefit from not letting your facial expressions or body language give away everything you’re thinking, this one’s for you.

On the imperative of leveraging your team, the most read post so far this year has been How to Stop Inspiring Your Team to Underperformance.  Starting with “Dial Back the Nice,” this one has three proven and practical ways to raise your team’s game.

And, this year’s number one post to date on engaging your colleagues is How to Get Your Micromanager Boss to Back Off. For all the people who have a micromanager in their lives, this post teaches you how to Anticipate, Train and Show your way to a more productive and less frustrating relationship.

So, there’s my contribution to your summer reading list. Maybe not as pulse pounding or as steamy as that spy novel you have lined up, but guaranteed to be a quicker read and something you can actually put to work when you get back from vacation!

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