Truman Thursdays: The Air Boss on How It All Works

Posted 03.04.2010

During my group’s trip to the USS Harry S Truman earlier this year, we got to spend about 20 minutes on the flight bridge with the Air Boss. Along with his teammate, the Mini-Boss, he’s the guy who leads everyone involved in flight operations on the ship.

In this clip, he talks about how they sequence the planes for landing and launch. There’s a real emphasis on systems in running safe, efficient and effective flight operations. One of the things you notice right off the bat when you’re on the deck of an aircraft carrier is that the crew is wearing different color jerseys – red, green, white, purple and yellow. There’s a systemic reason for that and the Air Boss explains why that’s the case in this clip. He wraps things up with a quick explanation of how the arrest system works in safely landing the planes. That’s a lot in a five minute clip. I think you’ll enjoy it.