Truman Thursdays: The Final Installment

Posted 04.01.2010

This week, I present the last of ten videos from my overnight visit earlier this year to the USS Harry S Truman. This final installment is an overview clip which includes some parting words from the Truman’s commander, Captain Joe Clarkson, a ship to ship refueling at sea, flight deck activity, a look at how the mess staff feeds 3,000 to 5,000 sailors a day and how the crew stays healthy and fit while under way.

It’s been a lot of fun bringing you these glimpses of leadership and life onboard the Truman over the past couple of months. As I said in the original post, What I Learned on an Aircraft Carrier, it was both inspirational and educational to see what several thousand young people can do when provided with opportunities to take on responsibility and the systems and leadership required to support them in their tasks. Thanks again to the crew of the Truman and to the US Navy to see it all first hand.