Truman Thursdays: The Handler Explains It All

Posted 02.25.2010

In this week’s video installment of life on the USS Harry S Truman, Lt. Cmdr. Rodney Mullins explains how he and his team use the “Ouija board” to keep track of everything going on on the flight deck. Lt. Cmdr. Mullins is the aircraft handling officer, otherwise known as the handler. If you liked my post last month on how to keep the plates spinning, you’ll appreciate what Lt. Cmdr. Mullins has to say. He and his team juggle and move at a rapid pace to keep everything with aircraft operations moving safely and efficiently.

Prior to Lt. Cmdr. Mullins, you’ll get a look at the C-2 Greyhound transport plane that took my group from the Norfolk Naval Air Station out to the Truman and a few shots of how things looked from inside the plane right after we landed on deck.

Up next week is the guy who runs the ship’s air traffic control tower, the Air Boss. Stay tuned, it’s a good one.