Truthiness? Trustiness?

Posted 07.21.2008

Stephen Colbert explains truthiness

A few years ago, Stephen Colbert did what very few people do. He came up with a word, truthiness, that was actually added to the dictionary. You can see for yourself here.

If truthiness is "the quality of preferring concepts or facts one wishes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true," then perhaps trustiness is the quality that we hope to find in those we depend on. My fellow blogger, Dan McCarthy, offers 10 great ideas for building trust with others.

As Dan notes, one of the toughest things that leaders (or coaches) have to do is to explain to someone why they’re not trusted. Building on Dan’s tips, I’d add a definition of trustiness that I think I first saw in the work of Fernando Flores. In Flores’ model, trust is comprised of credibility (having a track record of doing what you said you’d do), competence (having the chops to back up your promises) and sincerity (meaning what you say and truly holding the interests of others at heart).

How do you define "trustiness"?