Video Book Club (iPad Edition): Open

Posted 05.18.2010

I’m taking a couple of different directions in this week’s Video Book Club. One is that the book is a sports biography, Andre Agassi’s Open. The other is that I read the book on an iPad. That was a first for me and I think I’m a convert.

You might be wondering what a book by the “Image is Everything” tennis player has to do with leadership.  Well, one thing that comes to mind is that Agassi would be the first to admit that he’s far from perfect. That’s something that just about every leader (and person) for that matter should be able to relate to. Things get interesting when we try to move past our imperfections. That’s what Agassi talks about in this book. That’s one of the reasons I think it’s an interesting read for leaders (especially if you’re a tennis fan). 

I talk about other reasons to read Open in this video clip: