Wally’s Advice for New Bosses

Posted 09.17.2010

Sometimes as a leadership blogger, you just need to tip your hat to a colleague and say, “Well done, sir (or ma’am).”  That’s the case today with Wally Bock’s post, So, now you’re the boss. Wally succinctly ticks off the points that any new boss needs to remember. Here’s a taste, but you owe it to yourself to read his post (or, do a new boss a favor, and send it to them):

  • Friendship will be more complicated.
  • People will treat you differently.
  • Don’t let it go to your head.
  • You’ll have less power, but more influence (Unless you misuse it. Influence is kind of like holding a little bird. Squeeze it too hard and you’ll kill it.)
  • You’re going to need honest feedback; figure out how to get it. Better yet, listen to it when you get it.

For a real life case study, of what can happen when new bosses don’t follow  these rules, read this article in the Washington Post on how Adrian Fenty lost the mayor’s job in DC this week or revisit my post from last month on how he was on his way to losing it. It’s kind of uncanny how he did the opposite of everything Wally suggests.

What else does every new boss need to remember?