What Presenters Need to Learn from Luke Skywalker and Yoda

Posted 10.05.2010

This week’s installment of the Video Book Club features a new favorite of mine, Resonate by Nancy Duarte.  The subtitle of the book sums up what it’s about: Present Visual Stories That Transform Audiences. If you’ve watched some of the speaker videos from the TED conference, you’re familiar with Nancy’s work. She and her company help speakers present stories that engage the audience mentally, visually and emotionally. 

Her book, Resonate, explains her philosophy of presentations and reveals, step by step, how she puts them together. In this video clip, I go into a few of the details that shares in Resonate including her belief that presenters need to view the audience as the hero, let’s say Luke Skywalker, and themselves as the mentor, Yoda for instance. 

Intrigued? Watch the video. Make a lot of presentations? Buy the book. You won’t be sorry.