Winning Support for Change

Posted 10.31.2008

Steve Roessler at the All Things Workplace blog shares a great post today on his six steps to winning support for change.  His post reminds me of one of my favorite frameworks for getting others on board with a change, WIlliam Bridges' Four P's.  In Managing Transitions (one of the books I recommend the most; if you're ever going to lead change, you need to own a copy), Bridges says that any effective communications around change has to outline:

  1. Purpose – why are we doing this?
  2. Picture – what will success or the future look like?
  3. Plan – how do we get there?
  4. Part to Play – where and how do you fit in?

When I was an executive, I used the Four P's all the time.  As an executive coach, I share it all the time with my clients (as recently as yesterday).  Try it, it works.