Finding Your Extraordinary Story

Posted 12.07.2017

It’s been written that, “We are the stories we tell ourselves.” If that’s the case, then we need to do all we can as leaders and people to make sure those stories are positive, powerful and extraordinary.

The guest of my latest author conversation, Maria van Hekken, has dedicated her life to helping others clarify the extraordinary story of their lives. A veteran leadership coach and faculty member of the leadership coaching program at Georgetown University, Maria is the author of the newly released book, Leading with Y.E.S.: A Practical Guide to Discovering and Living Your Extraordinary Story.

In my conversation with Maria, we talk about how to clarify and articulate your story, the impact that has on your leadership and her advice for getting started. I think you’ll enjoy the conversation and leave with some actionable takeaways. If you want to download free tools that can help you discover your own extraordinary story, visit Maria’s website.

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